What is California doing about the Flu

Governor Scwarzenager and other California state officials toured the public health laboratory to make sure that it is ready and prepared to deal with the onset of a flu pandemic.   Government officials feel as though this is the first step in surveying the flu and is used as a way to monitor the spread of the swine flu.  If they can stay ahead of the epidemic, then there is more of chance that it will not spread as severely.

The Department of Health Services is fairly new, and since its implementation, they report that they have never seen such an influx of people come through the doors with respiratory ailments.  

The testing center then goes on to say what it is doing to test its patients as well as indicators that can be applied if anything does get too out of hand.  The three-step flu testing process can be done in a matter of hours, which means that the Department of Health Services is ready and prepared to dealing with the large number of infected patients this season.