St. Lucia

As vacation season rapidly approaches, so too does the need to be more aware of the flu that is quickly spreading its wings and making its way across the world.  One of the most popular vacation spots, St. Lucia is bolstering its surveillance and sensitization of the H1N1 virus.  


The Ministry of Health of St. Lucia confirmed six diagnosed cases; two of the cases are in children under the age of two, two twenty year olds, and the other was a tourist who was tested positive, but since left the country. 


But the majority of these cases are in people with no travel history, which means that these are communal born viruses, and is spreading to the country's people internally.  


Dr. Frederick ensures the inhabitants of the island that there is plenty of tamiflu to go around in the even an outbreak does find its way to the island.  The World Health Organization asks people planning to travel to any foreign island to take the proper precautions by getting a vaccination before departure.