Madagascar Hit Hard by the Swine Flu

As the world continues to suffer from a new virus, Madagascar is still dealing with the more than 600 death related to swine flu complications. More than that there are still another 22,000 people who are still suffering from the swine flu.

The majority of the patients that have been sickened with this virus are from the poorest province of Madagascar. In Finarantsoa health care is severely lacking and malnutrition, therefore when the swine flu hit, it spread so quickly it consumed it citizens in as little as a months time.

The small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is just now recovering from a seven month long political and economic crisis which nearly halved the total country's earnings.

Malnutrition and poverty are to blame for the countries astronomical losses. As a result both the United Nations and the World Health Organization agencies have agreed they will be shipping protein enriched foods to try and help the people of Madagascar.