Cook Islands Trying to Deal with the Flu

Any time a virus hits a secluded island, you have trouble. As an island, such as the Cook Islands, you have to sustain yourselves on what you have on land.  Therefore, when the swine flu hit those islands, panic set in. 


The Cook Islands Community Health Service is trying to boost its pandemic preparation. They are putting in extra efforts in preparation to their annual Pacific Mini Games next month when they are expecting upwards of 3,000 visitors.


The Director of the Health Service agency is putting forth the effort to make sure they are adequately prepared with testing supplies.  They are also relying on the World Health Organization to provide more public health doctors, so that they can be ready in the event a pandemic does strike with the heightened number of tourists next month.


So far the Cook Islands have seen 38 confirmed cases of the Swine Flu, but they are all in healthy condition and being treated by the community facilities.