Burkina and Africa, In Trouble

As the Swine Flu continues to spread, poverty stricken nations are becoming more afraid of how detrimental this pandemic has the potential to be. 


Africa is the last continent to be hit by the Swine Flu, but given its already overburdened health care systems, it looks as if, it will be particularly difficult for the country to survive such a widespread pandemic.


The continents total death toll is up to six, but cases are spreading all across the country like wildfire; Botswana, Burkina, Gabon, Kenya, and others are already affected by the spreading virus. 


Africa is already suffering from more than one immune-weakening illness, so overcoming this virus may prove to be even more difficult for the African people.


The Islands are happy to report, that even with this extra precautionary step they are not suffering any sort of tourism decrease.