The Official Name


United States Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is concerned about calling this viral outbreak the "swine flu".  He fears that this misconception will be detrimental to the world's economy because people who are hearing the name of the flu will be getting the wrong impression and cease their pork buying.  But you cannot contract the swine flu from eating pork; it is an air born virus that has moved to humans, and now can infect humans by being in contact with an infected person. 


In the Netherlands, it was originally dubbed the 'pig flu', but it is now called the 'Mexican Flu' by the National Health Institute.  South Korea and Israel both agreed to call it the 'Mexican Virus', Taiwan calls it the 'H1N1 flu' or the 'New Flu'. The World Organization for Animal Health has approved the name: 'North American Influenza', and the European Commission uses the term 'Novel Flu Virus'.


Above all else, the World Health Organization announced that they will properly use the term: 'H1N1 influenza virus'.