Self Organizing

If/when a pandemic strikes, the World Health Organisation and the whole “health pyramid” will give advice and, in some places, plain commands. There will also be need to self-organise. Some say even pyramidal command-and-control structures show features of self-organisation, which is really at the heart of everything. Whatever.

The practical thing is we will/would need to deal with the expected and the unexpected, the global and the local, the big and the small - with plans that may prove to be relevant or not-so-relevant. We need to help each other, alert each other, calm each other down, organise around whatever needs to be done. Yes, the World Health Organisation will do “their thing” but it will just not be enough. They will not tell us who to turn to so we may share the taking care of our children, etc.

In short, we (also) need self-organisation.

People at “open space technology” have lots of experience with big group gatherings. Yes, the sort of gathering we’re not likely to see amidst a pandemic, but we could have them before it strikes. Or we could use

Some further thoughts and observations (about SARS) by a well known Canadian open space practitioner here.

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