Novavax Pharmaceuticals

Influenza vaccine maker Novavax said its seasonal flu vaccine has been wee-received and seems as though it will be ready for mass production shortly.  The emergence of a new strain of the flu sparked a new wave of fear in people all over the world. Thus, when pharmaceutical companies hot wind of the very difficult to restrain flu, there was an uproar and companies went right to work trying to come up with an affective vaccine. 

Because the new strain is somewhat unclear in its make-up pharmaceutical companies are combining three different weakened strains in the virus to try and ward off a wide range of flu symptoms this season. Novavax has combined H3N2, H1N1, and B to try and cover its bases in prevent the onset of a pandemic. The vaccines are still being produced the old-fashioned way in eggs, so those people who are allergic to eggs should still consult a doctor before getting the flu shot this season.