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Colleges, universities and other higher educational institutions are beginning to offer their own web sites and plans to cope with a pandemic. Here are some first offerings from University of California and Chinese University, Hong Kong.

See also URMIA Pandemic Response.

Students Prep America is an organization of College students aimed at spreading awareness about Pandemic Influenza and promoting preparation at the individual, community, and national levels.

“This group was created as a response to the developing crisis involving the H5N1 virus, or “Bird Flu”, which experts believe could be responsible for the next severe pandemic. With increasing human cases, confirmed cases of human-to-human transmission and a case fatality rate of roughly 60%, this potentially pre-pandemic virus is cause for concern and immediate action. Visit our site below for more information on the threat posed by Pandemic Influenza and how you can help prepare your family, your community and your nation.”

Students Prepare America

Associations and US Government Departments

  • Pandemic Planning, US Dept of Education
  • Guidelines for Pandemic Planning American College Health Association (ACHA)
  • Colleges Planning and Checklist and checklists on US
  • Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association

Colleges have a different set of pandemic issues than secondary and primary schools, including the issues of whether students should stay or return home. For example, a Jan 2007 PowerPoint presentation from the University of Michigan by Dr. Robert Winfield, Chief Health Officer, can be downloaded here.

Specific School Examples:

Specific Schools

Pandemic Preparedness - Lab And Research Safety from U Michigan:

Attachments are located at the following URL’s:

Articles of Interest:

Gannett Prepares for Possible Flu Outbreak Cornell, Feb 07
Disease expert pushes pandemic plans Yale, CT Post, Feb 07
How Colleges Can Plan for Bird Flu From: The Chronicle for Higher Education
Facing Down the Flu From: The Chronicle for Higher Education
CPCUeJournal Preparing for the Pandemic Flu from a Risk Management Perspective, .pdf
Colleges were among the “provisional influenza escape communities” in 1918, including Bryn Mawr, Princeton University and Western Pennsylvania Institution for the Blind (WPIB).

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