Sesame Street does the Flu

As if you haven't heard enough about the swine flu, your children are being subject to subliminal messages on their favorite cartoons now too.  The classic colorful Muppet's, Burt and Ernie from Sesame Street are prepared to deliver and episode-long tutorial on how to prevent the flu.

Writers and creators say their main target audience is children, but parents should also watch to be ready to answer their kids questions. But don't worry avid Sesame Street watchers, the dirty Oscar-the-Grouch will not be preaching cleanliness. Instead the show will rely on the affable not to mention lovable Elmo to teach the kids about good hygiene. The creation of an episode is to follow up on the previously launched campaign in early May -- the public service announcement was broadcast to allow parents the opportunity to talk with their kids about the flu.