Flu Shot

"To Flu shot or not to Flu Shot"

With flu season rapidly approaching, many people are considering getting the flu shot. But then again, how effective is the flu shot?

Truth be told, the effectiveness of the flu shot has a lot to do with strain of the flu it is trying to prevent against. Therefore if a flu shot is specifically tailored to kill the virus cause by the H1N1 virus, then getting the flu shot would be most beneficial. 

The health and the age status of the person are another two key factors in determining of the vaccine will be most be beneficial.  The vaccine prevents the influenza virus in approximately 70 - 90% of otherwise healthy people under the age of 65.

In a study of children aged 1 - 15 that the flu shot was more effective and prevented 77 - 91% of the children from getting the influenza virus.

The flu shot mainly targets the prevention of respiratory illness in patients.  In patients over the age of 65, the flu shot mainly helps preventing serious illness, secondary complications as a result from getting the flu, and deaths. 

If you get the flu shot, you can be assured that the vaccine is 50 - 60% effective in preventing influenza-related hospitalizations or the contraction of pneumonia and as high as 80% effective in prevent influenza related deaths. 

Before you get the flu shot, you should consult a doctor to make sure that is the best way to go about preventing yourself from getting the flu this season.

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