What Vaccine?

"Which Vaccine Should I Get?"

For many years, we did not  have a choice when it came to getting a flu vaccine, it was the Flu shot or nothing at all, but now we have a choice.

One of the new types of vaccines is a nasal spray flu vaccine; FluMist.  Either vaccine will help to protect you (but not prevent you) from getting the flu virus.  But put your mind at ease, that both means of vaccination prove to beneficial and provide you with the same antibodies needed to help you fight the flu. 

The major difference is most obviously; the way they are administered.  But they both contain a strain of the dead influenza virus which will not give you the flu, but will help your immune system build antibodies that are necessary to protect yourself. 

The nasal spray is given in the nose.  Unlike the Flu Shot, this vaccine contains a live strain of the virus, that has been weakened so it will not cause the flu. The downside of this means of vaccination is that you still may feel some flu-like symptoms. A huge plus to the nasal spray is that not only will the spray enter your bloodstream, it will also be present in your nasal cavity, giving you two different ways of protecting yourself.

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