To Go to the Hospital or Not to Go to the Hospital?

"To Go to the Hospital or Not to go to the Hospital?"

If you have come down with flu-like symptoms, it is your choice, and your choice only to decide if going to the hospital is something you should do.  Most times, if you catch the symptoms of the flu virus early enough in its stages, you need not panic to the point where the hospital is your only choice.

If you feel the symptoms of the flu coming on, you should see your primary health care physician.  He or she will be able to treat you adequately enough to the point of where your symptoms should start to lessen.

But if you wait to long, and ignore your symptoms it is imperative that you visit a hospital as soon as you can. The consequences of the flu (if it goes undiagnosed) have been life threatening.  So if you have not consulted a doctor with your symptoms, you should consider doing so sooner than later.

While most physicians have enough supplies to withstand administering the vaccine to all of its patients, the hospital is also a place where you can go to get a vaccine shot.

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