Influenza Vaccine

"The Start of the Influenza Vaccine"

The influenza vaccine was first introduced into the United States in 1945. Since then there have been more than one type of the influenza vaccine.  The most common influenza vaccine is the the one that is made from the inactivated viruses.  And in 2003, a live influenza vaccine was discovered -- this one contains live viruses, but they have been weakened.

Each year a new influenza vaccine must be made, because with each year comes a new strain that is most prevalent for that flu season. 

In order for the influenza vaccine to be most effective, it must contain two different strains of the virus and are made in a chicken egg -- therefore if you are allergic to eggs, theinfluenza vaccine is not for you. 

If a scientist were to make an inactivated influenza vaccine, he or she would have to use formaldehyde which would serve to kill the virus.  

Once the virus is either killed -- the influenza vaccine is administered as an intramuscular injection -- if the virus is only weakened then it will be given to the patient in the form of a nasal spray.

Many people can benefit from receive the influenza vaccine, but before you consider getting a vaccination, consult your doctor to find out if, and if so which one is best for you.

Also, doctors recommend for children between the ages of six months and eight get a two vaccinations.  Because younger children tend to have an already weakened immune system, thus their bodies are unaware of how to build up the antibodies that the vaccination provides.   Therefore if you prep the body with one vaccine, the second will be more responsive and thus able to make more useful antibodies to fight the virus. 

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