The Super Antibody

"The Super Antibody for the Super Flu"

With all the talk about how ineffective flu vaccines are because of the ever-changing strains of the virus, researchers have engineered antibodies that may have the capability of being a cure-all for all of the different strains of the virus. 

This "super antibody" has been tested on mice that were infected with the H5N1 flu virus.  Existing flu vaccines would only target the specific H5N1 virus, instead of encompassing all types of the flu virus.

After researching the different antibodies that were built up as a result from the different viruses, scientists turned the antibodies into full-size immunoglobulins, which are structurally made up of proteins that can be found in your cells plasma and other bodily fluids.  These antibodies have only been tested in small animals, but researchers hope to have antibodies available for human trials by 2011 / 2012.

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