Tony Blair and the Swine Flu

"No Even the Elite are Safe from the Swine Flu"

No one is safe from the swine flu, in fact the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has become stricken with the virus herself.  This past July she was forced to cancel a string of engagement after catching the swine flu. 

Upon discovering that she had contracted the Swine Flu, she was rushed to the hospital and given the antiviral drug Tamiflu.  Papers have concluded that the Prime Minister and their four children have not contracted the virus and are still in healthy condition. 

It remains unclear of how Cherie Blair contracted the virus, but she is said to be doing better, and is said to be back on her feet by mid summer.

Around the time of Blair's infection, another 40,000 people were said to have Swine flu-like symptoms a instantaneous rise of about 46% from the same time last year.

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