Swine Flu Vaccine Trials Begin this Week

Health officials in the United States have less than two months to find out if the two different vaccines are safe for public use. Health officials are trying to narrow down the two vaccine trials, so they can be mass-distributed to the public at the onset of the flu season. 

Currently, there is a swine flu vaccine shortage across the world. As of right now, there is only enough vaccine for health care professionals, pregnant women, and children with chronic illnesses. 

Doctors and health care professionals are also worried that by the time the vaccine becomes available, the flu will have mutated into a more lethal form of the flu virus.

As of August 13, the World Health Organization released the official numbers; across the globe there have been 1,150 deaths.

If the flu vaccine does not become available by October, doctors mandate that you stay home at the first signs of the flu.

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