Flu Test

"Should i get a Flu Test?"

Has the infamous influenza virus finally reached your town?  Are you starting to feel under the weather? Then maybe you have come down with the flu?  But how can you know for sure?

Because the flu is a highly contagious illness, physicians now are able to administer a flu test.  The flu test will not only tell you is you have the flu, but it will also tell you what type of flu you have.  The flu test is vitally important in your treatment; if you come back positive for one strain of the flu, your antiviral medication will be reflective of the type of flu you have.

The flu test is quick and painless; it is as simple as drawing blood.  But it is essential that you take the flu test as the first sign of flu symptoms.  If you have past the 48 hour window of flu symptoms, you can no longer be treated with antiviral medication. At that point the doctor will probably just tell you to go home, stay isolated, and get as much rest as you can. 

The flu test depends a lot on how severe your symptoms are -- the more severe your symptoms are, the more important it is that you get a flu test done. 

The good news is that if you do not get the flu test done, your treatment would end up being the very same.  if the influenza virus goes untreated -- it will go away in about one to two weeks.

But if your flu test comes back positive; make sure you are treated in a proper way -- the secondary complications you experience might be even worse. 

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