Virulence taking its toll on Humans

"Virulence in Viruses"

With the growing fear of a Swine Flu pandemic, it is important to note that this virus is not same virus that caused the high mortality rate in Mexico.  Which means that we still have no way of creating a vaccine. 
We are seeing now that this human virus was adapted from that of which infected swine. 

As the virus adapted, it became less virulent to swine and more contractible for humans, which is why humans are now being targeted with this virus.  This is a strain of the highly-virulent virus that plagued swine all over Mexico.  This is an example of how quickly a virus can mutate into some that is so deadly in humans that had fairly little impact on humans before.  It is also imperative to point out how deadly this virus is in Swine, that if the virus is not altered, it too can become just as deadly to humans.

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