Problems with the Coming Pandemic

"Problems that We Face this Flu Season"

Scientists are predicting that the upcoming flu season is going to be a very difficult one to get over. This is going to present a plethora of problems for health care systems around the world including some that can have detrimental effects on your family. 

The biggest problem with the pandemic is that there is not enough awareness released to the general public. Sure there are plenty of articles online, but its time that we take it one step further.  Now that we know how to prevent the flu, its time that we start putting the preventatives into action. 

The other problem is out of our hands, there is no known vaccine yet for the onset of this flu season.  There was a unique mutation of the flu virus since last year and last year's vaccine will not be effective this year. 

And because there is no vaccine as of yet, it is important that we take other precautions to prevent against the flu.  Simple steps such as staying healthy by washing your hands, practice good eating habits, observe proper etiquette when it comes to being sick, all of these can help the spread of the flu.

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