Poultry Production and The Flu

"Cooking the Bird Flu to a Perfect Temperature"

Just recently a commercial turkey flock in Central Minnesota has been quarantined by the Board of Animal Health after they underwent routine testing and found a strain of the Avian Flu virus.  Assistant director to the Board of Animal Health in Minnesota stressed that this strain of the Avian flu is not the same kind that is responsible for plaguing the rest of the world's birds.

Now, many Americans are thinking that maybe Turkey (the traditional Thanksgiving meal) should not be served. But again the Board of Animal Health is putting minds at ease saying that because it was found early on in the season, it can be contained and treated before the Traditional American holiday rolls around. 

Also, be aware that proper cooking should rid the bird of any foreign bacteria that may be left in its system.  So if you still plan on making the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, make sure you cook your bird to a perfect 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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