The Flu - Ruining Your Day

"Don't Let the Flu Ruin Your Day"

It is impossible not to know about the foreboding pandemic about to plague our nation.  There are so many warning posted on the Internet daily, its probably hard to get away with not seeing an article or headline warning people.

But believe it or not the amount of information on the Internet barely scratches the surface when it comes to reporting on the world's cases that are infecting humans. 

You should be able to use the Internet to your advantage, it should be the first place you go to get the most up to date information about the outbreak.  There are plenty of cases, but even reading one of these can ruin your whole day.  But ruining one day, does not even compare to actually contracting the virus and have in ruin more than just a day of your life. 

The more you aware of how the virus is mutating, and the more you are aware of how to prevent catching the virus, the better your chance is of avoiding the outbreak all together.

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