Neuraminidase Inhibitors

"A New Way to Look at a Vaccine"

Neuraminidase inhibitors are in a class all their own.  It is a type of antiviral drugs that target influenza viruses. Most influenza viruses are made so they block the functions of the viral Neuraminidase protein -- which means the viral infection will have a more difficult time from budding into the host cell. 

Neuraminidase is also the key ingredient of the newest form of the vaccine tamiflu.  However it is important to note that the neuraminidase is only effective to influenza type A strains. And just like other vaccines, nueraminidase inhibitors will interfere with the release of the virus to infected host cells.  It is a process that prevents infection of the new host cells from spreading to the respiratory tract. The best part about the neuraminidase inhibitors is that they are less likely to promote the development of a drug-resistant influenza. This innovative way to create vaccines is much like the research they are conducting now to synthesize protein so to protect you from all different strains of the influenza virus.

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