"Cytokine and How it Can Save You"

Cytokines are small molecules of proteins that help to regulate your immunity.  In regards to the influenza virus it is imperatively important that you try your best to regulate the amount of cytokines in your system, so that your body can do its best to fight off any illness. 

The cytokines are not limited to only be useful in the immune system, but they are often released into the immune system when it has encountered a pathogen activating your system to all on the help of more immune cells.  This will increase your body's response to the pathogen thereby killing the unknown pathogen quicker and with better results.

Influenza is characterized by the rapid mutation of cells which onsets a general respiratory infection.  By the higher level of cytokines found in your system, the more your body will be able to fight the reproduction of the virus-containing cells. 

Respiratory viral infections such as the one you will suffer if you get a strain of the influenza virus results in a cytokine storm which effects the lungs, which can actually be more harmful to your health than the actual influenza virus.

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