Tracking the Flu

"Where has the Flu Been? And Where is it Going?"

During the week of July 26 - August 1, influenza activity actually decreased in the United States, but that that does not mean we also saw a decrease in influenza-like illnesses across the world. 

During the 2008-09 flu season, more than one virus has been co-circulating in the United States (Type A (H1 and H3) and Type B). And on April 15, the United States confirmed the first two cases of the novel influenza A virus -- upon their discover the World Health Organization started collaborating with laboratories to investigate and begin to come up with a vaccine

So far the hunt for a vaccine has been somewhat unsuccessful, but strides are being made to try and create a new type of vaccine that would be resistant to all types of the flu. 

As of August 6, 2009 there have been 6,506 hospitalizations and 436 deaths associated with the new strain of the influenza virus.

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