Locking up Poultry

"Locking up Birds for the Safety of Others"

With the most recent outbreak of the Avian Flu, many Europeans had instituted the lock-up of its chickens and birds as the flu continued to spread. 

The World Animal Health Organization says the cases have not necessarily spread from poultry to domestic flocks, however this is where governments should now concentrate their efforts onlocking up poultry to ensure domestic flock do not contract the bird flu.

Also, to ensure that the bird flu did migrate to another country, many governments have put a ban on  the trade of poultry.  Some governments are even going as far aslocking up poultry in their barns so they do not transmit the disease from the livestock on the rest of their farm. 

Further precautions have been made so as to ban poultry markets and shows, as well as banning hunting fowl for the season. All activities involving wild birds should be banned until further notice, just another way to ensure citizens that all proper precautions are being followed in regards to the transmission of the bird flu virus.

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