Tamiflu & the Swine Flu

Not all suspected cases of the Swine Flu should be treated with the antiviral drug tamiflu.  Only the most serious cases should be considered to be treated with the swine flu.  

There is no known vaccine for the Swine Flu as of yet, but an awareness campaign has been launched in schools, hospitals, and residential areas.  This campaign was launched in hopes of making citizens aware of the dangers that are accompanied with the swine flu, and the importance of not rushing to get the seasonal flu vaccine.  

It is very important to note your symptoms as well as being able to gauge how serious they are.  If they are very serious, you should consult your doctor right away.  If he or she feels that you are a candidate, then you will be able to experiment with the antiviral drug that has not been proven to help the effects of Swine Flu.

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