Ethics of Homeopathy

"When Should I use Homeopathic Medicine?

According to a report from the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), while AMA (American Medical Association) does not endorse homeopathy, in doesn't reject it either.  But most doctors dismiss homeopathy out of habit, in fact some spend entire careers denouncing the practice without cause, rather its "just because". 

Doctors are more or less just hesitant to accept homeopathy as an acceptable means of medicine.  The flu draws particular attention in the world of homeopathy.  Because there is no medical cure for the flu, doctors do not denounce its use for the treatment of the flu.  Homeopathic medicine is especially effective for patients who are chronically ill. If they are already on a number of different drugs, then it is more dangerous to be put on another drug -- so might as well try the holistic approach.

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