Flu Epidemic

"The Flu Epidemic that is Threatening the World"

The flu epidemic which is taking on the the identity of H1N1 virus, will no longer be contained by simply closing schools.  However the positives to closing schools very much so outweigh the negatives of having aflu epidemic on our hands. 

The Health and Human Services Department claims that there are over 55 million students and 7 million staff at more than 130,000 institutions that will be affected if schools were to be infected by theflu epidemic. 

Health officials around the world are completing plans that are to be implemented to help deal with the upcoming flu epidemic.  It is forecasted to be one of the worst widespread outbreaks in the northern hemisphere which has the potential to grow onto the biggest flu pandemic in decades. 

And although school closings are not the best answer to the anticipated flu epidemic, it sure is a step in the right direction. But the best way to prevent a flu epidemic in the school systems is to advise students to stay home when they are sick, and do not return to school until after a full 24 hours of being flu-free. 

And the very best way to prevent a school-wide flu epidemic is to administer vaccines to all students.  This year, because there is a new strain of the influenza virus, there will probably be two vaccine shots needs to sufficiently prevent a child from getting sick. 

Get on a waiting list quick though, because the two shots need to be administered at least two weeks apart. After the second shot is given, the vaccine needs a full three weeks to be fully effective. 

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