Hunting the Flu

"Hunting the Flu"

With the newest addition to the flu family, swine has been a target among hunters from the first case of the swine flu.  The swine flu is mostly found in swine, and is located in nations all over the world.

Sure we can understand why some feel it is necessary that swine are effectively removed so they will not continue to spread the flu virus, but hunters should be aware that coming in contact with the infected swine is very harmful to their health.

And even if the hunters never actually touch the infected swine, they are leaving the hog to transmit diseases by air born means. 

This is very a very dangerous endeavor, and swine or any other carriers of the flu should not be touched or tampered with. If you feel as though you want to take matters into your own hands, don't. The best  thing you can do is prevent the spread of the infection is protect yourself. Because once the virus is transmitted from swine to human, it becomes easier to transmit from human to human.

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