Preparing For the Flu Pandemic

"Are you prepared?"

Ever since the fear of another outbreak has leaked to the public, the CDC has gone to extreme measures to ensure public safety.  They released a general list of things we should expect with the onset of another pandemic

If you are part of a company, you should devise a 'Business Continuity Plan' -- in the event that a large portion of your work force comes down with the flu.  It is also imperative that you inform your employees about your plan if a pandemic were to hit you work environment.  Protect your workplace by asking sick employees to stay home. If you are in the health care profession make sure you do you best to plan ahead for a surge of patients coming in requiring you services. Have additional supplies and medication, make sure you are well staffed and have alternative options available to your patients if you are unable to provide care. Also as an employer it is your job to take care of your employees who may have contracted the virus. By ensuring their health, you will also ensure the health of others in your office. And planning ahead is the most vital in ensuring the health of all of your co-workers, employees, and friends -- make sure you are well prepared.

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