Home Remedies

"Alternatives to Prescription Drugs"

Home remedies usually come from different parts of nature.  They have been given the gift of absorbing inorganic substances from the earth and turning them into life-supporting ingredients.  The human body is one of these objects that can benefit from these life-supporting ingredients. 

These home remedies come in the form of essential oils, alkaloids, enzymes, elements and minerals.  Once they are absorbed into the blood stream -- they modify their duties so as they can be used to their best possible purpose.  The active ingredient in mosthome remedies needs to bind to a local receptor where the vital actions take place -- they are then transmitted to the site that needs to be balance the disturbed agent. 

Unlike prescribed medicine, home remedies do not have any synthesized elements, and are taken as the very basic form of the natural ingredient.  Medical scientists feel as though there needs to be a instigator or a means of transmitting the natural ingredient to host site, but in fact if you know a great deal abouthome remedies, you will see that each of the herbal remedies all have a specific job, thus they will know what to do. 

Before you change all of your medicinal intake to home remedies, be advised that you need to take the right dosage in order for it to be most effective.  Also, because they are not synthesized they may take longer to actually become effective in your body, so give it some time. If after three days you are not feeling any relief, then you should consult a doctor. 

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