Apathy of the Flu

"Too Much Apathy of the Flu is not a Reason You Should Catch the Flu"

Experts feel as though with all the early hype about the Swine Flu Virus, there will be an increasing apathy that will grow during flu season.  This will lead to a dangerous overwhelming ignorance about the real and dangerous effects of the Swine Flu which is expected to hit (and hit hard) when flu seson it put into full swing. 

Many people will say that this most recent outbreak has not lived up to the potential, and that it was too hyped up.  But the truth is is that flu season has not hit yet, and because there is no one agreed upon flu vaccine, the Swine Flu should still be a concern for everyone. 

National Healthcare professionals say that the second wave of the virus could be much more serious and dangerous than the fisrt -- apathy should not be the reason you catch the flu this season.

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