Flu Pandemic

"How Has the Flu Pandemic Panned Out?"

The 2009 flu pandemic is the global outbreak of a new strain of the influenza virus -- the "H1N1" or the swine flu.  

Scientists believe that even though the swine flu began in Asia in pigs, the flu pandemic was quick to spread to humans, which is how it ended up in the United States.

Prior to finding out how the flu was transmitted, many thought it was transferred to humans through poorly cooked pig.  This upset many, because aflu pandemic would spread like wildfire if it was contracted by eating pigs.  Turns out that if you cook your pig properly, you will never be able to contract the swine flu that way.  

The flu pandemic started in Mexico, but further evidence suggested that a flu pandemic was well under way in Mexico, and no one was really aware.  After Mexican government officials realized the flu pandemic was already widespread, they closed down most of Mexico City's public and private offices to try and contain the virus.

The pandemic spread so quickly that many of the Mexican clinics were overwhelmed by testing and treating patients -- the World Health Organization and help them control theflu pandemic.

To correct the contradiction, the World Health Organization released information free Mexico of the rumors that the flu pandemic started there.  Instead it was confirmed that the Swine Flu started in pigs in Asia and was brought to North America by a human.

Further evidence suggests that the flu pandemic has in fact been around since 2008 -- and circulated in the population for months, but finally surfaced in April 2009.

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