Parkinson's Disease & The Flu

"Link Found between the Flu and Parkinson's Disease"

Epidemiological studies that have been conducted to show that survivors of the 1918 Influenza pandemic have a greater link to people who also came down with Parkinson's disease.  The currently circulating strain of the Avian Flu is quite similar in make up as the 1918 flu and may result is the same statistics of the correlation to Parkinson's disease. 

Although the subtypes of both of the viruses are different, they both seem to enter the central nervous system and can cause encephalitis - inflammation of the brain.

Reports are still inconclusive about whether or not the most current strain of the flu will effect the Central Nervous system. 

More studies are now being conducted to see if there is a link between the viruses.  St. Jude's Hospital is testing both the avian and swine flu in mice to see if they will then be more prone to contracting Parkinson's disease.

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