Flu Remedies

"How Can You Help Yourself?"

With the increasing risk of a pandemic outbreak, we need to start using our resources because finding time with a doctor may be quite difficult.  As the emergency room floods, and waiting rooms are filled to the brim, your should turn to your own cupboard and come up with your ownflu remedies.  

Most importantly do not over react and jump to conclusions, because the symptoms you are experiencing are a part of your body's natural healing process.  Your body fights off the illness by increasing your body temperature, you cough because you want to expel the germs in your mouth. 

But if symptoms persist, then you should try some of your very own flu remedies.  One of the most successful flu remedies is the use of ginger.  As you drink ginger tea, the strong scent and "zingy" taste prove to be effective in breaking up a cold.  

Next is lemon, one of the oldest flu remedies known to man.  When you are sick, the body is usually over acidic, by adding lemon to your diet, you will help the body alkalize all of the other acids that are already in your body.  

Another one of the oldest flu remedies is the water and salt combination, this is obviously no secret, because doctors even tell you to do it, but it is so easily accessible because it is at your fingertips.  When the salt is dissolved in water, there is a greater chance that your mucus will break up, thus clearing up your nasal passage.  

Flu remedies are meant to keep you from the doctors, but if you find that your symptoms are not getting better, consult a doctor right away.

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