Flu Help

"How to get Flu Help"
Help others by helping yourself first.  If you are looking for a sufficient amount of flu help, then you should follow the following steps to ensure you don't come down with the flu this season.

The best flu help is the help that you can give yourself. So make sure you get enough sleep.If your body is tired, it is telling you that you need to get more sleep.  During a full night's rest you immune system will be able to rebuild itself and become even stronger. 

More flu help includes exercising regularly -- as long as you are continuous with your exercise, your body's immune system will be able to remain strong, strong enough to enough to fight off any kind of infection. 

Flu help has a lot to do what you intake. One of the main culprits of weakening your immune system is sugar.  Large amounts of sugar can make you more susceptible to a flu infection. 

The most important flu help tip; drink lots of pure water.  This means no tea, soda or coffee, but pure water.  As long as you keep every organ of your body well hydrated--it will have no problem fighting off infection.

Flu help should include eating a well-balanced diet.  Make sure you get your recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables. Also garlic -- even though your breath will be less than desirable -- garlic has strong natural antiviral properties that help fight off a flu virus. Green tea is another 'biggie' in the world of fighting off viruses.  And lastly, cayenne pepper is considered a mild immune booster that contains a lot of vitamin A good for fighting off infection.

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