"The Influenza Virus and how it has grown"

Around the same time every year we start to hear about the infamous influenza virus that threatens to "plague the world, and wipe out millions".  It is most unsettling to know that every year the influenza virus strain changes, and the virus becomes to strong or runs rampant, there is less likely a chance for a vaccine to be discovered.

In fact we are experiencing right now.  At the end of the school  year, the world heard about the Swine flu or the H1N1 influenza virus.  It isn't even flu season yet, and we have still heard about millions of people that have been infected with this new strain of theinfluenza virus. 

With flu season rapidly approaching scientist fear that there will be no flu vaccine ready to treat this new strain of the influenza virus.  But the influenza virus has infected the world before and we have lived to tell the tale, the most dangerous part of this influenza virus is that it combines three different strains of known influenza viruses, making it particularly dangerous when it comes to infecting humans.

Humans should know that the influenza virus has been around forever, and it has been infecting people across the globe forever. The thing to remember though, medicine has been one of the greatest innovations of modern times, therefore the technology that is used to treat theinfluenza virus is far and wide better than any medicine that was available in history.  Therefore, while the threat of coming down with the flu will always be there, just know medicine is far more capable of handling it.

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