Raising Awareness

"Being Aware is Just as Important as Being Prepared"

Just as the flu is contagious, so too should be the awareness.  If you keep raising awareness among people across the United States, the better your chances of preventing the flu will be. 

Not only should you continue raising awareness among those around you, but you should also let authorities know that you too are aware and concerned about the well being of those around you.  It is your job as a citizen to let whomever know that they should be raising awareness within their area.  Especially with flu season rapidly approaching, make sure you local authorities are making all the efforts necessary inraising awareness in how to prevent the flu, and what should happen if the flu turns into a pandemic. 

Raising awareness is not only beneficial to your self, but it is also beneficial to those around.  You can take action as well. You can write a letter of concern to your local city council, or a local business, or even to your local waste management facility.  They are all key players in ensuring your city's safety. 

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