Anticipated Problems

"Anticipated problems we can expect from a Swine Flu Pandemic"

If a pandemic were to strike the world, the anticipated problems lie much further than that of just  infecting millions.  Unfortunately organized systems would also take a huge hit, if the swine flu spread to the point of beyond control.

It is important to know the anticipated problems of a pandemic so we can catch it from the start, but if the swine flu were to spread, many of the systems we rely on everyday would be at risk.

For instance, if the swine flu, or any other flu for that matter, spread the the water systems of the world, the virus would continue to infect millions of people and be even more contractible and unstoppable. 

The farther the virus reaches, the harder it will be to contain it.  If it happens to hit water supplies all around the world, theanticipated problems will nearly quadruple.  Water is the basis for most of the way the world works.  They control the most basic principles of sustainability, and not to mention controls most of the waste management systems, which is one of the easiest places to find contractible diseases or viruses.

Communication networks, transportation networks are all expected to suffer these anticipated problems if the virus reaches far beyond the limits of human to human contact. 

The anticipated problems can also prove to be most detrimental to businesses.  The more the virus infects people, the harder it will be for businesses to continue sustaining itself through employment.  So in order to best prepare for the onset of a pandemic virus, you must be aware of theanticipated problems that may ensue. 

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