Flu Symptoms

"How Would I Know if I Have The Flu?"

The flu, regardless of the strain, time of year, or any of the specifics -- is an acute respiratory infection caused by a variety viruses. The symptoms of the different kinds of flu have all been similar -- it is vitally important to know theflu symptoms so you can quickly receive medical attention. 

It is especially important if you have a chronic medical condition that you are aware of the flu symptoms, because you may be particularly susceptible to contracting the flu.  But the earlier you recognize the flu symptoms, the easier it will be to catch the flu.

Many people to wait to see the doctor, because many people think their flu symptoms are just symptoms of the common cold.  And unlike the common cold, flu symptoms come on rather suddenly -- an abrupt onset of the fever, fatigue, and body aches.  Some other flu symptoms include: a generalized weakness, ill appearance (flushed skin, red and watery eyes), dry cough, and sore throat. Note that gastrointestinal symptoms (i.e.; diarrhea and vomiting) are not usuallyflu symptoms.  However, with the recent introduction of the Swine Flu -- these symptoms seem to be more prevalent. 

Flu symptoms in children are very similar to that of adults, but include a very high temperature (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and the chills.  Theseflu symptoms usually last up to three or four days -- but coughing and tiredness may last for up to two weeks.  Be sure if your children present withflu symptoms, that you do your best to protect yourself from getting the flu.

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