Swine Flu Symptoms

"How Do I Know its Swine Flu?"

Now that there is a new strain of the flu on the lose with no vaccine to control, it is important to know what exactly the symptoms are so you can be well aware of your illness this season. 

Swine flu symptoms are much like regular season flu symptoms.  As of now most or the swine flu symptoms have been mild, but that doesn't mean the symptoms have the potential of becoming more severe. 

Also, be on alert of swine flu symptoms for your whole family. Most  times kids don't know or chose to ignore them, so it is your job to recognize them and help them as soon as you can. 

Some of the typical swine flu symptoms include: a sudden fever, a sudden cough - they usually come together, headache, tiredness, chills, aching muscles, diarrhea, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, and loss of appetite.  These are generally the symptoms for many different strains of the flu, so you can check with the National Pandemic Flu Service to confirm that your illness is a case ofswine flu symptoms. 

It is important to confirm your swine flu symptoms with the National Pandemic Flu Service especially if you are considered to be one of the high risk patients. 

As of right now, the illness as well as the swine flu symptoms seem to be mild, however cases are confirmed in all age groups -- mostly targeted at the younger age group.  For a very small group of people, theswine flu symptoms have been severe enough to result in death -- but most time other contributing facts have lead to complications leading to death. 

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