The Bird Flu

The H5N1 virus, more commonly referred to as the bird flu has swept the nation, but may continue to spread this flu season.


The Bird Flu is part of the Type A Influenza Virus -- it is an infection caused by birds.  Infected birds shed the virus through their saliva, nasal secretion, and feces.  Other birds tend to become infected if they are in contact with a sick bird.  Not to worry too much, so far the bird flu is only most contagious among birds. 


However if you are in the business of handling birds, then you may have a higher risk of contracting the virus.  This is how it became so detrimental to the world's population -- as farmer's came into contact with the birds they were contracting the flu and spreading it to other humans. 


And because the bird is a fairly migratory bird, the flu virus has the ability to reach great distances in very little time.


The virus has the ability to spread like wildfire, especially when living in close quarters with hundreds of other students -- do your best to protect yourself this flu season.