Ready Or Not

       Ready or not, the swine flu is here and its been confirmed in 66 counties making the H1N1 virus a world wide pandemic. Since April of 2009, the swine flu pandemic has spread and in some cases, even taken lives. When it comes to the swine flu, it is best to be ready, and prepared, and informed in order to take preventative action in protecting yourself and your family. Flu season is around the corner, and due to the swine flu pandemic, it is said that 35, 000 lives are taken each winter due to the common flu, and unfortunately, it is estimated that between 30, 000 and 90, 000 lives may be taken this coming winter due to the swine flu pandemic along with regular flu season. These are terrifying statistics, but this is the reality of the swine flu, and ready or not, its best to be prepared.