Economic Concerns

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  • World Econ. Forum/Booz Allen Pandemic Flu simulation Press release and link to report
  • U.S. Congressional Budget Office report on

A Potential Influenza Pandemic: Possible Macroeconomic Effects and Policy Issues.pdf Dec 2006

  • Lowry Institute for International Policy report on

Global macroeconomic consequences of pandemic influenza .pdf Feb 2006

  • Supply chain risk management from AMR Research
    • H5N1 potential impact on food industry .pdf
  • International Monetary Fund
    see also IMF report page 37-39 of 60 in .pdf, index link here.
  • Canadian Manufacturers And Exporters
    • Continuity Planning Guide for Canadian Business .pdf
  • Marsh, a leading risk and insurance services firm, has been actively producing materials related to the possible pandemic; see here and here. Among that material is a white paper entitled “Avian Flu: Preparing for a Pandemic” prepared by Marsh and its sister companies Kroll and Mercer Management Consulting. In addition to background and a discussion of corporate preparedness, it includes the international implications of a pandemic, and outlines some of the potential insurance coverage issues related to pandemics.
  • In August 2005, Toronto-based brokerage firm BMO Nesbitt Burns issued a report detailing the economic impact of an influenza pandemic on global markets, suggesting it could trigger a crisis similar to that of the Great Depression. An appriaisal of the known facts for business preparedness was written in October 2005.
    • An Investor’s Guide to Avian Flu
    • Don’t Fear or Panic
    • The Avian Flu Crisis: An Economic Update
  • The World Bank has done some of the only estimations of the economic impact of a flu pandemic. They are using the number of $800 billion in global impact, as reported in November, 2005
    • The Bank has also done more detailed estimates for East Asia, including the to-date impact on the poultry and egg industries, and potential impact if it gets worse.
  • Reserve Bank, NZ crisis management plan for pandemic flu
    • news story about the report
  • Preparing for a Plague
from Human Resource Executive
  • Avian Flu: What Should Be Done Dr. Tyler Cowen is the General Director of the Mercatus Center and the Holbert C. Harris Chair of Economics at George Mason University.
  • Article by Helen Branswell, veteran influenza reporter, on financial concerns in Canada
  • Report from a local business forum in the Seattle / Tacoma area
  • Future pundit on the economics of pandemic flu
  • Can the Life Insurance Industry Survive the Avian Flu? is a report released January 17, 2006 by the Insurance Information Institute, estimating that a severe influenza pandemic could result in $133.2 billion in claims, severaly stressing the system.
  • Notes from a Deutsche Bank flu conference (pdf)
  • Presentations from a 2005 conference at the Royal United Service Insitute in the UK on the global challenges and national response

Ian Welsh’s article series

Ian Welsh’s two-part essay, The Economics of a Flu Pandemic, discusses the economic ramifications of a pandemic before, during and after the outbreak, including the managing of scarcities, the emergence of black markets, rationing and other similiar matters.

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