In late August; Lima, Peru reported their most recent of the eighteen deaths caused by the swine flu. The most recent deaths all happened within an eight day time frame.

A total of 487 new cases of the H1N1 virus were diagnosed between August 17th and August 23rd in Peru. This contributes to the world's total number of 6,608 people.

Of this total number of infected persons, already 6,121 people have received treatment and were granted medical clearance, while the other 487 people are still being treated for the swine flu.

Two of the major cities; Lima, and Callao were experiencing a generally more dispersed infection pattern. There is no continuity in cases -- but many of the regions of the country are infected by this deadly virus.

Citizens of Peru have been warned, and hospitals and health centers remain on high alert. They are expecting to treat many more victims in the upcoming months.