Got the Flu? Blog about it!

Sure, admit we all probably have some social networking subscription that we may or may not be embarrassed of.  But now, health officials are using this widespread craze to their advantage.  Just recently the Homeland Security Secretary announced that it would be helpful for bloggers to blog about it.  Believe it or not, doctors and officials have them too, so by you posting updates about the flu in your area, they will have a better idea of just how far the flu has managed to get.

So lets say you are a patient out in South Dakota, almost instantly the Department of Homeland Security located all the way on the east coast will know about. Instant communication in this sense is crucial to keeping the number of infected people to a minimum. 

Your blogs will not only help the government and health officials, but it will also allow people to see where they should avoid or maybe they will discover that the swine flu is a lot closer than you may have thought.