Greeks are all Guaranteed to get a Flu Vaccine

The Health Minister of Greece has told its 12 million citizens that it will guarantee them a vaccination against the swine flu. 


The Health Minister as well as the Grecian government expect upwards of 15 million tourists each year and believe that it is important to protect its citizens from traveling flu cases. So far Greece has come down with 700 swine flu cases, but the government feels as though those citizens will make a speedy recovery with proper care.


Greece has specifically earmarked 40 million euros for the country's 24 million vaccines to be received by early January.


Vaccine experts at Glaxo, Sanorfi, and Novartis all believe that patients will need two doses of the vaccine in order to be most effective.  The Grecian Government is just waiting for the nod of approval from the European Union to start vaccinating its citizens.