Governor Crist & The Swine Flu

Today, this August the 13th, Governor Charlie Crist kicked off a two-day awareness campaign to promote back-to-school health safety and how to prevent getting the Swine Flu. 

Along with the Governor, The Surgeon General, and Commissioner signed a letter to send to school district superintendents, providing information about how to keep kids healthy this season.

Before the school season starts, Governor Crist recommends that parents and teachers take extra time to explain to students the important of following the basic preventative hygiene measures:

1. Wash your hands routinely
2. Cough into a tissue, or your sleeve
3. Avoid touching your eyes or mouth
4. Avoid people who have a cough
5. Stay home from school if you are sick

The letter sent out by Governor Crist included all of this information as well as ways to reduce transmission among children.