FluWikie was designed to inform people of the real dangers that are associated with the flu.  Not only do we have one of the largest databases of information regarding the flu, we have a comprehensive list of signs, symptoms, and treatments of the flu. 

FluWikie was also designed so you too could informed about the threatening Swine Flu Pandemic, and what precautions you should be taking.  There is a long list of ways to go about preparing, as well as ways that you can try to avoid coming down with the flu.

To put your mind at ease, FluWikie also provides the genealogy of the influenza virus; including how it has developed and mutated over the years.  But over the course of years, medical technology has also gotten to the point where the flu can be better contained.  That doesn't mean we can be ignorant to the very dangerous effects of the flu, but it means that we are now able to be better prepared of this still incurable virus. 

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